Andrew Bowman Advises Kiwanis Club Members on Matters of Cybersecurity

Andrew Bowman, a member of Salem One’s IT team, gave a presentation about cybersecurity to the Winston-Salem Twin City Kiwanis Club on Wednesday, July 21st 2022.  With 25 members in attendance and more watching on Facebook Live, Andrew presented to club members about how to stay Simply Secure with their emails, computers, and cell phones.


Relevant cybersecurity topics included phishing, ransomware, smishing (phishing via text), spam, spotting spam and more.  Andrew emphasized the importance of checking your sender address and any embedded links within emails before clicking. The presentation included actual samples on how to identify potentially dangerous emails in direct comparison to how legitimate emails appear.

Attendees were given guidance on how to keep data backed up safely without using removable media such as USB drives. This extended into ideas for safe password management and encryption. Andrew added research on the difficulty for a hacker to compromise passwords via brute force based on number of characters and complexity. This ranges from passwords being compromised almost immediately to being virtually impossible with an 18-character complex password.

Salem One’s IT team provides the company a safe environment for its infrastructure basing its security protocols on leading technology. Working with top brands who have sensitive data, the company constantly works to ensure data remains safe at rest and in transit. Andrew has been a leader at Salem One in meeting our stringent “Simply Secure” goals and targets.