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Permit Number

Permit Number (indicia) is an option for paying postage. This PDF contains Salem One’s permit numbers as an aide to setting up the mail panel on your mailpiece.

Address Clearances

Address Clearances describes the clearances required by the USPS to have ample room for a barcode and address. Without the proper clearances you may not receive the automated discounts.

Address Corrections

Address Corrections are important to maintaining a clean updated mailing list. This document explains address correction services provided by the Postal Service. Some of these services have fees associated with them and others do not, but it depends on class of mail and weight.

Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail is an important piece to a campaign. It allows recipients a way to send information or donations back. The reply mail must be set up properly to expedite its return to you.


Duplicates on a mailing list can be wasteful of postage and printed material. However, there are different types of duplicates and depending on your strategy it is important to understand how to identify duplicates and deal with them on your list.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

National Change of Address (NCOA) is a process by which we verify residents or companies are located at the specific address you have on your mailing list. NCOA gives Salem One an opportunity to help you clean your list and keep it as up to date as possible. Considering at least 20% of the population moves every year it is critical to keep up with the changes.

Postage Rates

Postage Rate Chart – These postage rates will be effective January 22, 2023.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Intelligent Mail Barcode is a true resource for mailers. The IMB allows mailers to better track their mail and provides more accountability for delivery from the USPS. The IMB is required to receive any automation discounts.

Repositionable Notes

Repositionable Notes are a great way to add some marketing flair to your piece and standout from others in the mailbox. While the USPS allows respositionable notes to be used on mailers, you must also adhere to certain guidelines to make it through the processing.

Wafer Seals / Tabs for Self Mailers

Wafer Seals / Tabs for Self Mailers are stickers that keep mailers closed as they move through the postal equipment. All letter size mail that folds requires either wafer seals or glue dots be used. Self mailers are folded sheet(s) of paper that do not have any binding. This PDF shows how wafer seals must be applied based on the fold.

Wafer Seals/Tabs for Booklets

Wafer Seals/Tabs for Booklets Wafer seals/tabs are used to keep letter sized pieces of mail closed as it moves through USPS stream. Booklets are multiple page documents with a bound edge, either by staples or other binding.

Sizes of Mail

Sizes of Mail are important to understand. A fraction of an inch can have a major impact on your postage bill. Understanding the sizes and dimensions are important to balance the marketing aspect of your goals and budget limitations.