You are an Entertainer!

Corporate Communication choices are as difficult as ever.  These choices determine the outlay of millions upon millions of dollars that demand a return.  This return seems as difficult as ever to quantify as most organizations find it challenging to track or measure results.  At Salem One, we do….  Just remember “You are an Entertainer”.

This might seem odd as most fear getting on stage, but every day corporate brand messaging is on stage for the American and World Consumer.  The key to communicating with the consumer is the same as it is for an entertainer; you target your audience by understanding who they are and then deliver what they want and need.  “Print, targeted print, represents over a quarter of entertainment firms’ communication spending”.

Printed communication “promotes attractions, creates experiences, generates awareness, and drives sales”.

This reality has remained, even as we have seen the rise of online communication choices.  The impact of Print may be at its highest point in the past decade, as online and television advertising options become more confusing and emotionally uncomfortable.  Printed communications continue to perform. Variable Imaging and personalization are becoming more common allowing marketers to target recipients.

Salem One offers our Direct Marketing, Packaging and Print clients “Targeted Market Solutions” relevant to their client verticals.  As our organization has grown with Regional, National and International relationships we have developed proven strategies to attract and keep consumers.

Our favorite strategies include a “Call to action” for those consumers to interact with our clients.

So if you have ever wanted to tell a joke and receive a hearty group laugh, or rock out a guitar lick to a coliseum of applause or just receive a thank you for helping a local passer-by, close your eyes and realize that’s exactly what your corporate Brand is doing every day.  If you would like that Applause to get a little louder, we have the right tune.

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