H2H Service, H2H Relationships

The Salem One team begins every year with an intense study of our industry and evaluation of our clients’ goals and needs. The world of PRINT and Direct Marketing (DM) is changing rapidly with amazing technological advances occurring every couple of quarters. Our organization has always been committed to bringing the highest level of value available in the World to our Clients; the appropriate implementation of new technologies is critical to this success. Over the last 24 months, this commitment has led to the highest level of investment in new equipment and technology in the history of our organization.

However, over this couple of years something interesting is happening. Our clients are bombarded with electronic communications to the extent that these communications lack actionable answers. They cost clients and decision maker’s time and lead to communication mistakes that are extremely costly.

All of a sudden, the concept of Human-to-Human (H2H) service and communications has become a unique differentiator in the market. Salem One has always maintained the philosophy of surrounding “enterprise clients” with direct access to our complete team of experts. We use technology to bridge geographic distances and increase efficiencies, but we never use technology to replace those all-important H2H interactions.

Our entire leadership, sales and project management teams began the 2017 year with the study of Ryan Sauers’ latest book “Would You Buy From You? Your Brand Makes the Difference”. Mr. Sauers presents the remarkable reality of exponentially increasing electronic communications at exponentially decreasing success rates. Human-to-Human, in the world of rapid technological advancements, all of a sudden is a rarity that is desperately needed in the Corporate Decision maker’s world.

Salem One remains dedicated to the use of technology for ever increasing efficiencies, but never to avoid providing Clients answers and solutions through direct human access.

“By 2020, the amount of information on the Internet is expected to increase by 500%.”

Do you have time in your day to increase your internet interactions by 500% or would you prefer a vendor relationship that provides answers when and where you need them, from individuals you know and trust?

Salem One, Simply The Best, Human-to-Human.