$200,000 Postage Savings

Proactive Savings Analysis Results in Tremendous Postage Savings!

The Scenario:

A prominent telecommunications provider (hereout referred to as “Telecomm”) frequently uses direct mail to reach current customers, new movers and prospects. While there are no significant service problems with their mail vendor, they are moving to a different advertising agency.  Telecomm’s previous direct mail vendor processed each promotion as requested.  The mail house ran standard CASS coding and presort procedures on the address lists.

Advanced Direct’s Proposal:

The new advertising agency recommended using the services of ADI to Telecomm.  Our team of data processing specialists performed the usual checks on the mail list, as requested.  However, they also ran a proactive evaluation to determine if there were additional postal savings available.  Our specialists learned that the mailings qualified for previously unrecognized savings when postal carrier walk-sequence* data was appended to the mail file.

Results for Telecomm:

Telecomm’s mailings qualified for a significantly lower postage rate, thus saving the company 10% or more on each mailing.

The annualized postage savings for Telecomm will be over $200,000!!

*Mailings qualify for the a walk sequence discount when the mail is provided in the exact same order in which the carrier walks or drives each route.  Thus the carrier does not need to sort the mail, saving the USPS time and money.  These savings are passed along to the mailer as a lower postage rate.