Salem One’s Jon Bowman presents at the National PCC Day

On September 22, 2021 Postal Customer Councils around the country participated in National PCC Day. Local PCCs held events locally that preceded a national address by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Jon Bowman was invited by the Wilmington, NC PCC to speak at their event. His presentation discussed the differences between targeting and retargeting. Traditionally, targeting is associated with direct mail lists and enhancing data, whereas, retargeting, is a developing technology helping marketers create highly personalized multimedia campaigns based on specific visitors to a website.

During the presentation Jon highlighted the basics of creating a powerful internal database along with strategies to enhanced data leading to higher return on direct mail. On the topic of retargeting the group learned about the technology involved with capturing website visitor information, appending data, and planning a follow-up marketing plan. The follow-up campaign can include coordinated direct mail, social media, and other personalized electronic communications. It is a powerful tool for marketers to bring together a tactile marketing experience with the digital world.

The purpose of National PCC day is to celebrate a USPS sponsored council dedicated to helping direct marketers and mailing professionals achieve cost-efficient business growth through the use of mail.