Coatings and Finishes that Touch the Consumer!

Soft Touch, UV, Hybrid UV, Reticulating Varnish, Spot Varnish, Flood Gloss, Ghosted Images, Aqueous, Offline, Inline, etc., etc., etc. What a wonderful world of options and new technologies we have available to us! Marketers of Brands and buyers of Packaging and Print have a host of new options to impact all the 5 senses of today’s American consumer. Visual “pop”, options for “feel” and “texture”, dimensional folding, and client activated sounds, are all possible with today’s print technology and at dramatically lower costs. Salem One’s investments in new printing, inkjet and finishing technologies bring all of this to the table for our clients.

Salem One has created a number of new promotional items to demonstrate the economical coating options now available to impact your Consumer. Contact your sales representative to learn more or call our office to request your own sample package.