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You’re My Everything!

Barry White, business leader? Don’t act like you don’t know who he is. This superstar soulful crooner has been credited with romantic events, from spontaneous engagements to children being born, but we have yet to see his lyrics highlighted as great Business philosophy. Since we like to have fun, we will take it a step […]

The Most Sustainable Form of Communication on the Planet!

QUESTION:   According to the U.S. Forest Service, what is the  current level of forest growing stock in the U.S. compared to 1952? A.) -27%          B.) -11%          C.) -2%          D.) +13%          E.) +51%   It is time for Print […]

You are an Entertainer!

Corporate Communication choices are as difficult as ever.  These choices determine the outlay of millions upon millions of dollars that demand a return.  This return seems as difficult as ever to quantify as most organizations find it challenging to track or measure results.  At Salem One, we do….  Just remember “You are an Entertainer”. This […]

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Too many articles start with interesting titles but then fizzle on substance.  But this title and article, by Mike Jacoutot, delivers business truths that we find in our everyday corporate relationships. Corporate Marketing, Packaging and Print buyers are hearing promises of new technologies and integrated marketing promotions from every corner of their supply chain, while […]

Salem One is Results

Confusion! Cross Channel, Multi-Channel, Omni Channel, offset, inkjet, digital, brand continuity, packaging design, direct mail campaigns, television campaigns, email campaigns.  How do I allocate my marketing and purchasing dollars? And how in the world do I measure my return on investment? If you are a marketing leader, purchasing leader or managerial leader in a regional, […]

The “Printer’s Toolbox” is the Center of Corporate Communications

(Phil Kelley Jr., President of Salem One is pleased to serve as Chairman for Printing Industries of the Carolinas (PICA) for the next year. We look forward to sharing relevant news and announcements from PICA to keep our clients up to date on exciting things happening in PRINT!) The “Printer’s Toolbox” is the Center of […]

See What’s in your Mail Before you go to your Mailbox

Time spent anxiously awaiting the arrival of mail is almost over. The USPS is boldly charging forward with Informed Delivery™. This new program will allow you the ability to see what’s coming with daily email notifications with images  of what will be in your mailbox that day! What is it and what does it mean for […]

In-vig-or-at-ing Brands: Salem One Launches New Website

  [inˈviɡəˌrādiNG] ADJECTIVE: making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy: Salem One is pleased to launch our new website to support our Clients, Name and Brand. Most importantly, Salem One remains focused, in fact obsessed, in providing the highest Value for each dollar our clients invest in their brands. Whether that includes a production […]