Salem One is Results


Cross Channel, Multi-Channel, Omni Channel, offset, inkjet, digital, brand continuity, packaging design, direct mail campaigns, television campaigns, email campaigns.  How do I allocate my marketing and purchasing dollars? And how in the world do I measure my return on investment?

If you are a marketing leader, purchasing leader or managerial leader in a regional, national or international leading organization, you likely are struggling with these questions.  Better said, you can’t get answers to these questions.

Welcome to Salem One!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve attended the Inkjet Summit in Florida focused on variable color print production, data and analytics; DRUPA the largest Print show in the world located in Dusseldorf Germany; and attended a major supply chain conference in NC with buyers from a diverse group of industries.  I am struck by the dichotomy of messages currently reaching Corporate leadership.

On one hand, there is a tremendous amount of money promoting new communication technologies and channels; each vying for the title of Best.  On the other, is exasperation coming from those tasked with executing corporate buying initiatives with “provable” return on investment.  In other words, Corporate leaders are hearing and reading about all these new ways to influence their client’s purchasing habits but when it comes time to define these into deliverable strategies…Confusion!

Salem One has answers.  More importantly, Salem One has Results!

The strategic table of Corporate America is looking for deep and proven expertise in creating, managing and delivering proven marketing and purchasing strategies with documentable results.  This includes print, packaging, direct marketing, television, email, online and the inevitable word omni-channel solutions.  We want you to know the experts of Salem One are delivering World Class answers to National and International Corporate leaders.  We have just completed a deep dive into better defining our own organization’s “strategic” print, packaging, direct mail, commercial and data solutions in terms our clients want to hear and understand.

We are delivering “strategic expertise” every day with every client.  Are you looking to spend money or are you looking for results?

We are selling and delivering Results!