Mail – Your Only Friend in a World of Spam

The 2013 NPF was kicked off in style by the PMG Pat Donahoe to a packed house in lovely San Francisco. The PMG’s message is not subtle, and he boldly makes his case that mail is personal and different from the many other communication channels that vie for your attention. “People still make time and take time for their mail”.

The PMG went on to identify four characteristics of mail that we need to leverage as an industry.

1. Personally relevant – mail that reflects your personal interests.

2. Actionable – reduces the number of steps needed to make a purchase.

3. Functional – increases the way mail interacts with technology. QR codes and augmented reality.

4. Creative – mail that stands out, gets attention.

The PMG did introduce many new and interesting programs.

  • Metro Post– same day delivery, order before 2PM and have it delivered between 4-8PM
  • MyPost smart phone app-This will enable a business to track all of the mail/packages coming to their address.
  • Geo-fencing-Mail carrier based GPS technology to determine when the carrier delivers the mail on your block.
  • Creation of Secure Digital Solutions group that will focus solely on building secure digital innovation online solutions.

Donahoe went on to describe the Postal Services’ aggressive cost reduction efforts and their impact on the industry: reducing the size of the workforce by more than 200,000 employees since 2006. Consolidated 308 mail processing facilities and reducing 21,000 postal routes. These changes have reduced the Postal Service’s cost base by 15 billion dollars and it still functions at a high level.

Finally, Donahoe ensured his audience that the Postal Service is providing a smart, affordable delivery platform that your business can rely on in a dynamic, changing world.