It’s All About That Brand


Salem One Team offers unique insights in Product Branding and Marketing Segmentation strategies to N.C. State University College of Textiles students.

North Carolina State University is the global education leader in textiles and has the only college in the United States devoted entirely to the industry. Corporate partnerships at N.C. State encompass a “who’s who” list of major international manufacturers and consumer brands. Many of these partners are clients of Salem One and our team has been delighted to contribute to the curriculum for select textile marketing classes each semester for the past two years.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed by the breadth and depth of the student experience in the College of Textiles,” said Tracy Brooks, VP of Sales for Salem One. Salem One has specifically engaged with the students in the “Textile Brand Management and Marketing” and “Textile Brand Communications and Promotions” courses. These courses contain specific concentrations in Product Branding through Packaging and Marketing Segmentation, both of which align perfectly with Salem One’s proven strengths: Promotional Retail Packaging, Data Analytics and Direct Marketing.

“It is a pleasure to see these bright young students engage in the dialogue as we walk through the supply chain and areas of corporate influence that impact the final consumer-facing product,” commented Jay Deweese, Strategic Account Leader for Salem One’s packaging division.

These Marketing Segmentation classes provide the students strategic insight into how marketers shape their brand and messaging to specific audience segments in order to acquire customers and maximize the lifetime value of consumer relationships. Salem One builds on each course’s foundation by pulling students in to real-world case studies on brands familiar to them with interactive dialogue about the applications.

“It’s no wonder the job placement rate for this school is over 90% for the last 70 years and more recently at 96%,” added Tracy Brooks. “Many of the students we’ve met have an incredible entrepreneurial drive. Some have already developed start-up businesses as sophomores and juniors. They have resumes, LinkedIn profiles, business cards and inquisitive business minds.”

The Salem One team looks forward to our continued partnership with N.C. State and following the development of these future industry leaders!