You’re My Everything!

Barry White, business leader? Don’t act like you don’t know who he is.

This superstar soulful crooner has been credited with romantic events, from spontaneous engagements to children being born, but we have yet to see his lyrics highlighted as great Business philosophy. Since we like to have fun, we will take it a step further to include other crooners like Luther Vandross, “You’re all I need, here and now” and Teddy Pendergrass “You’re my latest and my greatest; my latest, my greatest inspiration” as great Business philosophers . So what in the world does Barry White, Luther Vandross, and Teddy Pendergrass have to teach us about client relationships? Well, have you ever considered that people in general want to feel special in all aspects of their life, even work?

“You’re the First, the Last, my Everything1

Doesn’t every client expect to be treated this way by their trusted vendors? Each and every time they interact? Absolutely!

At Salem One, we promise that this crooner’s lyrics represent how we feel when we engage with a client. Instead of, “How can I help you?” you will hear, “It’s so good to hear your voice today!” or “I have been waiting all day for the chance to talk to you. I have a new idea” You will never hear, “I’ve been so busy with other clients.”

As Barry White would say,

“I wanna read your mind. I wanna make it right for you.2

“I never take anything for granted, just because its here today, it can be gone tomorrow3

This is a solid mantra for helping our clients succeed at meeting their goals. In economic times like these, what you do is more important than what you say. We will always put forth the best effort to bring solutions to our client’s every need. And we will celebrate their success! Barry got that right too;

“We’re gonna laugh and dance half the night away
We’re gonna scream and shout while the music plays4

We love time with clients. Lunch and learn meetings, innovation challenges, or just inviting them to tour our business to reinvigorate their understanding of our capabilities is all quality time spent. Our clients are true partners and we can’t live without them.  We will only be successful if they succeed.

So when it comes to customer service and client relationships; Barry White – Business Philosophy Genius… and you can even dance to his tunes.

Barry White lyrics used in this article are from the following songs: 1 You’re the First, theLast, My Everything, 2. The Secret Garden, 3. Just the way you are, 4. O, What a Night for Dancing. Check out Barry White and other Quiet Storm artists at iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody or your favorite online music store.