Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Too many articles start with interesting titles but then fizzle on substance.  But this title and article, by Mike Jacoutot, delivers business truths that we find in our everyday corporate relationships.

Corporate Marketing, Packaging and Print buyers are hearing promises of new technologies and integrated marketing promotions from every corner of their supply chain, while only receiving pricing for the same old thing from the same companies and individuals promising new and better.  The reality is that new technologies and new communication tools are everywhere and many talk “strategy” but a very, very few can deliver.  This is because it takes a strong corporate culture to adapt and implement change to deliver on these promises. Building a strong culture begins with six components: attitude, beliefs, values, behaviors, relationships and environment.

“It is your culture that executes upon that strategy and creates a competitive advantage”

We could not agree more.  This is one of many reasons we seek out relationships with clients where we can truly get to know those client’s culture and corporate goals.  We also love and appreciate those clients who take the time to come visit our people and facilities to get to know our culture.

Ultimately, “Competition can copy your strategy and your products, but no one can copy your culture”… And Culture is what delivers Results!

You will notice something in every interaction with Salem One, we are focused on delivering results for you and we have proven strategic initiatives backed up with results that show up on our Client’s financial statements.

“When strategy and culture collide, culture will always win.”  A strong Culture backing a winning Strategy, can’t lose.   You will find exactly that at Salem One.

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