Big “P” PRINT defines Corporate and Brand Communication Expertise

Something Big is happening in “P”rint and Salem One is a Leader in bringing Strategic Corporate and Brand Expertise to well-known National & International Brand Organizations. Our President, Phil Kelley, Jr., was invited to present his views regarding the State of the Industry at the 2017 Annual Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) Conference on June 15 in Charlotte, N.C. Curt Kreisler, Chairman of Printing Industry of America (PIA), and Michael Mikin, President of PIA, also presented to a large audience of Industry leaders.

Titled “Now is the Best time to be a Printer…Ever,” Phil’s presentation highlighted all the strategic resources now maintained within the Printing Industry. Corporate Marketing and Purchasing leaders at organizations of all sizes are in desperate need of Strategic Revenue Generating Solutions and Efficient Supply Chain Costs Saving expertise to enable their success. Salem One is an example of a printer who has moved beyond manufacturing to offer proven Strategic Solutions hotly desired by today’s most aggressive Brands.

Corporate and Brand Communication dollars have a magnifying glass focused upon them like never before –what a wonderful opportunity! Big “P”rinters have the ability to answer the need for lower Supply Chain Costs and higher Return On Investment for every Communications dollar spent. In short, every organization needs a “P”rinter sitting at their strategic table.

Salem One has invested aggressively in talent and education. New technologies have provided a seemingly endless number of options (and challenges) for promoting one’s Brand. Brand Strategy, however, has never been more complicated or littered with more potholes than in today’s complicated World. These challenges have even grabbed the attention of the Wall Street Journal, who detailed the challenges facing non-direct marketing strategies in a special section of their June 20th publication titled, “The AD Maze: Advertisers are increasingly wary of objectionable content and fraudulent traffic.” (click here to read)

Big “P”rinters and Salem One are excited by today’s environment and have proven answers. We are growing relationships with Leading National Brands. Top Line Growth and lower costs through Supply Chain Efficiency are our Strategic Expertise. Now is the Best Time Ever to be a “P”rinter.