Informed Delivery NOW Expanding Nationwide

We first released this article last June when Informed Delivery was in its early development stages.  Fast forward to today and  the program is now set to roll out nationwide. 
Contact Salem One and learn how to be one of the first to put this new and innovative marketing platform to work for your direct mail campaign.  Just another way Salem One is “Connecting Print” to enhance corporate communication.

Time spent anxiously awaiting the arrival of mail is almost over. The USPS is boldly charging forward with Informed Delivery™. This new program will allow you the ability to see what’s coming with daily email notifications with images  of what will be in your mailbox that day!

What is it and what does it mean for direct marketers and Salem One clients?

Salem One has historically taken a proactive stance in working with our direct marketing clients to leverage innovative new service offerings from the USPS.

Informed Delivery1
Many of these advancements have enabled us to drive down postage costs, increase visibility of mail delivery and generally make direct mail more efficient and effective. These results are generated through the adoption and unique application of programs with terms like Intelligent Mail Barcode Tracking, E-Induction, Seamless Acceptance, etc.

We are watching closely as the USPS continues to test and boldly project a rapid rollout of a new service known as Informed Delivery™.

Informed Delivery™ is a new consumer facing service that enhances hardcopy mail delivery by providing consumers daily images of what’s in their mail via email.  The program has been on the table for several years as the USPS works to enhance the value of mail by connecting the print and digital space.  (This is familiar ground for Salem One as we have been helping our clients “connect print” to all communication channels.)

So how does it work?

Consumers will be able to register to receive notifications via  (This service is already used to track and manage package shipments.)

Registered users will receive a morning email that includes scanned images of the front exterior of all letter sized incoming mail that day.  The mailer / marketer can also take advantage of an option that will allow consumers to receive a color image and interactive content to enhance the experience (e.g., direct user to mailer provided URL).

Informed Delivery™ is currently being tested in limited markets.  Early statistics on consumer adoption rates, usage and feedback are quite impressive.  According to a pilot survey conducted in February:

-92% of users are checking their Informed Delivery alerts 4 times per week in addition to viewing Direct Mail campaigns

-68% of users are excited about the inclusion of digital offers related to mail pieces

The USPS believes that this service “provides an unprecedented opportunity for Mailers to engage users with a highly-coordinated direct mail and digital marketing campaign”.  And early results from the pilot program would support this statement.

When will it be available?

Informed Delivery™ is projected to rollout in phases with full national expansion in 2017 with a projected reach of over 50 million consumers.

To learn more about the program (including how to participate in a test campaign) call your Salem One representative or email

There is also limited information online through the USPS at: